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Company Name Hirano & Associates, Inc.
Address and Contact Information 8-12-7 Fukasawa

Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Japan 158-8555

Telephone +81-3-3704-3111

Fax +81-3-3704-3200

Date of Establishment 1960
President Tetsuyuki Hirano
Director Jin Kuze
Number of Employees 40
Affiliated Companies
  • Hirano Design International, Inc. (Chicago)
  • TH Developmental Design Research (Investigation, Planning, Company Development)
  • Interplanning (Real Estate Development Planning, Land Use Consulting, Software Sales)
  • Digital Jam (Digital Content Copyright Protection, Circulation Management)
  • NPO Energy & Environmental Solution Center (Energy & Environmental Enlightenment and Educational Activity)
Registration First-Class Licensed Architecture and Building Engineer Office/ Tokyo Governor Registration #26495
Authorized Real Estate Transaction Company/ Tokyo Governor Registration (4) #54456