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Design and Intelligence Provides the Creation of Outstanding Value

Design not only contains cultural elements, but holds great power to transform. The corporate philosophy of Hirano & Associates, Inc. and its group of companies is “Design and intelligence provides the creation of outstanding value.” Striving to pave the path of the future with an always innovative approach, Hirano & Associates produces designs which aim to improve the spheres of living, industry, and environment. Moreover, Hirano & Associates can offer comprehensive value for its customers through the collection of diverse information and its application to multifarious networks. Through “Design Management”, a new business strategy which ties together design and management strategy, Hirano & Associates` mission is to contribute to the improvement of society and culture.

Understanding client needs from multiple perspectives and providing comprehensive results

Design Producing
Design Planning
Design Management
Strategic Design Planning
Design Consulting
Project Planning & Development
CI & VI Development
Product Development
Area & Regional Development
Architectural Design
Interior Design
Product Design
Visual Design
Multi-media Design
Interactive Design
Network Consulting
Software Development
Event Planning
Design Training & Education
Design Promotion